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Why Us?

Service Levels

With over 10 years’ experience in the medico-legal reporting industry, Medical Generation can manage every aspect of the reporting process, ensuring that instructing firms, claimants and doctors all receive an efficient, professional service with transparent communication throughout. When queries do arise, we pride ourselves on our fast response time.

Each member of our dedicated Medico-Legal Reporting Team is highly trained to source and instruct the most appropriate Expert for each individual case. New cases are allocated to a Team member on receipt of instruction and they are personally responsible for the file from start to finish. They will obtain medical records where necessary and ensure that an appointment is made for the Claimant to be examined at the earliest opportunity. Claimants are kept fully updated via SMS where appropriate. Reports are checked on receipt from the Medical Expert for compliance and accuracy and are completed in an industry-leading timescale:-


Appointments    Normally within 24 Hours of receipt of instruction

Reports              95% of our reports are completed within 21-28 days


Experts and Reports

Our nationwide panel of experts can examine claimants in a variety of locations and offer a wide range of appointment times to suit their requirements. Via our dedicated in-house Recruitment Team, all experts are vetted by us prior to being accepted on our panel and the quality of their reports is continually monitored and reviewed.


We recognise the importance of managing cashflow, especially in this climate of change in the industry. As well as helping firms reduce costs and minimise the use of resources by outsourcing medico-legal reports, it is possible for us to offer the following:-

Write-off facility


Extended credit terms

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Tel: +44 161 877 7544
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