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Medical Generation Limited Experts in Medico-legal Reporting

Medico-legal reports are vital to the majority of personal injury cases, with many civil litigation actions being settled on the basis of the report alone. Medical Generation understands the importance of this particular element of the case and facilitates the production of an independent, clear and timely report which saves court time and legal costs.

Medical Generation are experts in the medico-legal reporting industry and offer a prompt, professional service to a cross-section of specialists within the civil litigation field. We have a reputation for providing accurate, specialised reports which are delivered within an industry leading timeframe and 95% of all Medical Generation consultative reports are returned to the instructing party within 4 weeks.

Established in 2005 and operating from our own premises in Old Trafford, Manchester, Medical Generation have consistently adapted and responded to change over the years. We believe that our continuous programme of investment in infrastructure, resources, IT and, most importantly, our staff has enabled us to be leaders in the field. Our independence means that we can be pro-active in tackling changes in the industry and innovative in our approach to new challenges and opportunities.


“Medical Generation provide an efficient, professional service, with the one of the best turnaround times in the business. Their reports are robust and reliable and the team there is experienced, responsive and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend Medical Generation for all your medico-legal reporting needs.”
Rob Lawson, BPS Law LLP, Manchester


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Tel: +44 161 877 7544
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